I am so jealous of him!

I spent the entire weekend on 'happily' organizing the new wardrobe for the family.
Uniform hangers that are color coded for Sweaters, Long sleeves, Short sleeves, Collars, Polos etc etc..
A little caste system among the dresses.. hehe guilty as charged!

My work was not done yet until I gave the boys (husband and son) some training on,
what is where and why is it there. So my mission thus started:

The little one was easy to handle.. just one simple instruction and he got the point:
"உங்க  அப்பாவை  திருத்த  முடியாது. அவர்  கண்ட  இடத்துல  dress-a வீசுவாரு. That's fine. 
I will go behind him and find a home for his clothes as usual. 
You on the other hand mister, you can easily train yourself right. 
So get into the habit of being organized."
என்ன  புரிஞ்சதோ but Son had a good laugh. ROFL.

Now the elder one. As usual busy with the laptop. Yet, I went on about
how his underwears, sleepwears, office wears are given exclusive homes in the wardrobe,
But when I realized that all my talk had not even made it to his one ear, I paused and threw him a complimenting look.
The guy was bewildered. He asked, "என்ன  அப்ப்பிடி  பார்க்கற?".
me: ஹ்ம் உன்னை பார்த்தா எனக்கே பொறாமையா இருக்குப்பா!
he: ஏன்?
me: உனக்கு இப்ப்பிடி ஒரு அருமையான பொண்டாட்டி அமைஞ்சிருக்குதேன்னு தான்!
he (giggling uncontrollably): ஹே! இதெல்லாம் too much!

ROFL! Now that I got his attention, let me restart the mission. ;-)

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  1. Hey i used to say the same to my hus yaar! so people think alike or should i say ,"great minds think alike"