Homework Made Simple!

Today's homework is sentence making. DS is supposed to make a sentence using the word "Diaphragm". Poor thing, he does not know the meaning. Well drum roll please... drum-roll mommy to the rescue.
I showed him this informative YouTube video that explained what it is and how it helps in breathing etc etc..

Ahem..Me so proud of my parenting, you see...  I was even ready with a lecture about it if the video is not enough.

But.. but..dear son did not give me a chance.. Before I could start my lecture on human anatomy, he stopped me, "Ok Ok I get it." and finished his homework with this 'great' sentence:
"Every human being has a diaphragm." 

Needless to say,  he was out on the road with his friends in a jiffy! Oh well... he had other plans. What do I know!