Make her angry!

DS bought some glow in the dark sticks. The instructions said, "to activate the glow stick, bend the stick till it snaps".It was too hard for me to bend the stick. I was really frustrated (angry in my son's words) and gave it one last try.. the stick snapped and started to glow.
After a while, his friend came home. Now this is what I heard when i unintentionally eaves dropped on their conversation.
DS: Dude, did you get your glow stick to work?
Friend: No dude. I don't know how to.
DS: Ask your mom
Friend: She doesn't know, man.
DS: Dude, it is really simple. My mom knows how to do it.
(Me proud. Hehe.. comeon.. that was too hard  to bend but I did it! Ahem.. where  was I?!  oh yeah.. me proudy proud. Then I eaves dropped 'intentionally'.)
DS continued seriously: There are only 2 steps dude.
Step #1: Give the stick to my mom
Step #2: Make her angry. (Me goes )


  1. Vanga Anaamiga ! nandri ungal varavuggum karutthuggum

    naanum ha haa

  2. He already know's how to push someone’s buttons to get his work done :)