Is it buffering Yet? Worry not.. Clap with Glee!

DS was clapping his hands swiflty as his favorite cartoon was loading in YouTube. When the bewildered me asked for the reaon, he says,
"Yesterday when it took so long to buffer, my friend clapped his hands and BOOM the video loaded faster!"

DH and I laughed a lot, yet we let him hold onto his new theory. He still believes that clapping in front of the monitor somehow loads the clipping faster. Infact, we remind him, "Kuttima, konjam clap pannuma. It takes so long to buffer.." and he claps!!
I know.. I know.. we are two wicked people united in the sacred bond of matrimony.
In our defense, we want to videotape his innocense. So till I get it on tape, it is our little secret.. deal?

As I type here, my little boy is still clapping his hands with eyes fixed on the video progress bar.
Oh well. what do we know.. like the Butterfly Effect in chaos theory  this might be another theory for the future.. It reminds me of a joke..
A rooster: Oh Dear GOD! Why? Why Me?!  Why does it have to be ME always, to 'wake up' the damn Sun every single Morning?!


  1. you should get this product The Clapper Sound Activated On/Off Switch and prove that clapping has ENERGY

  2. LOL u made my day, Anonymous. :))

  3. I posted that as Anonymous, but I am no stranger to you my nickname starts with G