THOU shall not read between lines!

We were watching the D40 TV show. It was actually a coverage of the rehearsal wherein a bunch of actresses including Divya Spandana were practicing their dance moves.  
Did I mention that they were MINUS make-up?Apparently, the supposedly 'hot' heroines were not hot enough that day.

Hubby Darling exclaims: "Look at them.. Look at her.. How did she even become an actress?!!"

Needless to say I was so happy to hear the comment. I mean, which wife wouldn't?! Me joins him merrily: "I know!!"

Shaking his head in disbelief he continues, "These days anybody can become an actress!" and then stops with a deep gaze at his wife..

after the momentary assessment he says..
"Actually you can become an actress. No, Seriously.."
Now.. is that a compliment??!!

Well.. Thou shall not read between lines.


  1. ha ha...been there my friend... :)))

    //Now.. is that a compliment??!!//

    May I tell you a secret? I always pretend it to be a compliment and happily ever after... ha ha ha... what say?...:)))

  2. super!

    Vanga bhuvani ! nandri unga varugaiggum karuthuggum