A Romantic Novel for M&B or RamaniChandran Fans

If you like RamaniChandran Novels, you will definitely love this story.  Just in time, for the Valentines Day!

I am a big fan of RamaniChandran. I like many authors too like Sujatha, Sivasankari, Lakshmi, BalaKumaran, Kalki, Agilan, Rajeshkumar, Anuradha ramanan, .. the list is endless. But slowly I drifted to Ramani Chandiran and now anchored to her. 

And how did this ardent reader become an amateur writer?..  It all started so sudden.. Thanks to my dear husband who seeded the idea in a very unassuming way. :-)
I have around hundreds of  RamaniChandran books. And read her stories 'n' number of times.
When there were no more of her books to read, my husband laughed at my restlessness and teased me saying, "Anyways you say RamaniChandran follows a set template, so why can't you write a story in a way you like and read it yourself ? May be you could publish it in your blog and 'crazy பொண்ணுங்க' like you can also read it! "
And thats how it all started. :-)

(I know, I know..RC fans like us are in no way crazy. If  anything,  we are crazy after our husbands. 
பாவம், அறியாத பையன்.. தெரியாம சொல்லிட்டாரு.... அவரை விட்டுடுங்க.  He is  such a darling. ;-) )

So here it is.. my 1st novel: Irul Maraiththa Nizhal (இருள்  மறைத்த  நிழல்) http://thenuwrites.blogspot.com
I am sure RamaniChandran fans will love it. Please leave your comments. They mean much to me.

I dedicate this novel to My Dear Handsome Husband and all RamaniChandran Fans.


  1. hello thenu, very romantic novel. thanks for this novel. keep it up. when will i get ur 2nd story.

  2. hey i read ur novel yesterday in one go..

    really awesome:)
    keep writing..
    Eager to read ur next novels

  3. great novel. keep writing. way to go

  4. great novel. keep writing. way to go

  5. Hai Thenu!

    Very Nice Novel...

    Sweet writing...

    can you post your novel in www.amuthas4ui.wordpress.com

  6. Hi thenu,
    Luved ur way of writting, waiting for ur 2 novel

  7. Beautiful story, Thenu! The village scenes and Gounder family took me back home... Keep writing

  8. Excellent story Thenu...yeppadipa yezhuthininga??simply superb..just cant explain in words how good it was..Ramanichandran novel readers got yet another marvellous writer...is this ur first novel?just cant believe...my humble request is try to publish ur first work[novel]..and please...please..please..when is ur second story coming?cant wait more...visiting blog eagerly for ur next awesome work...keep it up....

  9. Dear Thenu,

    Excellent writing!!! Felt like reading RC's novel. Was going to comment earlier but got distracted... Sorry for my late comment...

    Regarding your story, very nice characters and names and the way you have narrated is very enjoyable. Do keep writing more and more.. Good luck with your writing and waiting for your next novel...

  10. Dear Thenu,

    Oh.. BTW, I forgot to mention about your pencil sketching and oil painting.. Very neatly done and amazed with your talents. Hats off to that.. Keep going!!! :)

    As a lot of readers suggested, r u thinking of writing your next novel in Amuthas blog? Just curious.

  11. Wow...it is just like my story... I got big collection of Ramanichandran stories too & read infinite times... I too started writing when there was no more books of her to read (also by my hubby's provoking comment same as yours...) Just came across this link sent by a friend... will read the story... thanks

  12. Its simply Suberb..

  13. Hi Thenu
    very fantastic story. plse continue your writing.

  14. rc novel kuda nan oru vati than padipen but your novel i keep reading again n again .. poruthamana kadai thirupangal.. kadai ungal karpanaiyil azhagaga nagargiradu.. waiting for another work frm u

  15. Hi Thenu,
    The story was simply superb. Excellent job. I first thought it was RC novel. Great job yaar. Keep it up. Expecting ur second novel soooooooooooooon :)

  16. hey hi...
    Awesome pa...great job..i really thought it was RC mam's till i saw ur blog now....really nice...keep goin..


  17. i can't stop reading it.....
    superb work!!!

  18. Hey Thenu:

    Great work indeed!!! Am an ardent fan of Ramani Chandran and have to tell you that your style of writing is better than hers... yours is very youthful and contemporary... keep the good work going... congratulations for this wonderful ace venture...

    Soundari from Mumbai

  19. Hi Thenu,

    I am a great fan of Rc mam your novel has same storyline very beautiful I read it atleast 50times I am expecting your second novel please upload it as soon as possible. congratulations for your wonderful writing Hemasiva, Sivakasi.

  20. Hi Thenu (junior RC),
    Congratulations for this wonderful novel.
    I thought it's RC's Novel. Really interesting and youthful. But nowadays RC novels are boring. your novel is better than her recent novels. I can't blame her because of her age she can't write those kind of stories anymore. Anyway keep the goodwork going. We are expecting your second novel. Please upload. Thanks, LS

  21. Very nice story. thanks..

  22. very nice story. Any New release? very eager to read dear friend..

  23. Very Nice Story..
    Congrats for your lovely effort.. Wishing you to write more and more novels and succeed. Please write more novels. Is there any new release.. I am very eagerly waiting for your new novel... Thank you so much dear friend..

  24. I am waiting for your new novel.i wish you all the best to write more novels i'm also big fan of ramanichandran.Thank you for your excellent story sister.

  25. I m waiting for ur nxt novel. This novel is simply super..All the best.....

  26. Thank you very much sister for sending me pdf.i'm very glad and eagerly waiting for your next novel.keep on writing ,readers like us will always support you.once again thank you sister.

  27. miga idhamana kathal kathai superb thank you very much

  28. Dear Honey,

    ungalai naan honey yenru kupiduvathu poruthamaga irukkum yenru ninaikiren.

    ennaku onru theriyanum, idu ungalukku therija yaarudaiya real story? ennakku intha real story nadanthadu nallave therium. ungalukkum avangalai theriyuma? indha virasam illada kadaiyil neraiya vadukkal maraindu pochu. muduja ennkku mattum solunga. illena naan andha pennai pathi ungalukku solren.

    rombanaal kazhishu unmaiyei edhiril paartha unaryu.

    manadai varudiyadarkku naandri.

    with love
    A female

  29. Veryyyyyyyyy nice Noval really super. This is the best Noval I ever read . Thanks to u and keep on writing

  30. Hai thenu now only read ur story and i am very impressed its very very nice story and waiting for ur next stroy

  31. Hi thenu,

    "Irul Maraitha Nizhal" The story is fantastic. Most probably i wont like reading stories but now am became a crazy fan of u and this story. I have read this 'n' number of times. Please tell me when will u give ur next story. Am not interested to read any other's stories am waiting for ur story only.

  32. Hello mrs thenu i read that story nth time and got into it lovely story one fine day me and my friend was discussing abt rcnovels and then i came to know abt this story great naration lovely work three cheers for your husband who discovered ur talent waiting for much more ........

  33. hi
    really vry nice.. i m impressed by character vijinalandhan

  34. hi
    its vry nice story....... keep it up.........

  35. hi
    its a vry nice love story... really i enjoy it..........

  36. Hey thenu... I'm reading this novel for 5 th time.. When can I expect ur new novel??

  37. sorry pa.. thalaiku mela velai.. may take months..

  38. i feel like mind blowing i never forget this story and your narration and nalandhan character in my lifetime nalandhan character portrayed very well and and character name selection is very nice.

  39. Vaanisri SubramaniamMarch 7, 2014 at 6:12 AM

    Hi akka, ur novel is juz mind blowing.
    Pleasa continue writting..
    Even i m a biggest fan of RC mam...
    So please write more...juz cant blieve its ur first novel..
    Tis is my third time reading tis story...2 lovely n lifely...

  40. can u please tell the story name with hero Vasikaran and heroine abaranji

  41. Hi Thenu....
    superb story dear. unmaya solren i was searching for RC mam novels and i saw urs and started reading u know i read it 2 times in 3 days it was really amazing the characters madhu and nandhan stood in my heart. waiting for ur next one dear.
    its priyanka, Hosur

  42. superb thenu i love the story. keep going. when will i get 2nd story