Cause and Effect

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"Hey Kutty.. your birthday is approaching..I am so excited. Tell me, What gift do you want? Wait, I was the one with all pain the day of your birth..  shouldn't I be the one showered with gifts now?"

"Amma, you are the cause for my birth. I am the effect. People celebrate the effect not the cause. So tell me, shouldn't I be the one getting all the gifts?"

Ayarpadi Maaligaiyil..

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Me: And then I will lay you on my shoulders and recline to a glider
K(son): mm? then?
Me: Then I would rock the chair and sing Ayarpadi Maligaayil until you fall asleep eventually. You would look so lovely
K: OK sing now
Me: Nah, It won't sound good
K: (faking a gasp) If it didn't sound good why did you sing then?
Me: ((laughing) illada, The song is good not my voice
K: Amma, If I had fallen asleep listening to you sing, then you must have sung well.
Me: I don't know about that. நீ என் voice நல்லாயிருக்குன்னு தூங்கினயோ இல்ல இதுக்கு தூங்கறதே better-னு தூங்கினயோ! who knows!
K: haha ok sing now. நீ பாடறே இப்போ. now.
Me:(excited with the encouragement begin to sing) ஆயர்பாடி மாளிகையில் தா..
K: ok ok stop,(laughing hysterically) எதுக்கு கேட்டேன் !! Now I know why I slept. Good night amma.
Me : டேய் ..
K's dad joins us with the banter as usual at my expense.

Then comes the Sequel:
Dad: நான் பாடட்டுமாடா ?
K: Oh please no. நானே தூங்கிக்கிறேன் , Thanks. (and giggles)

Thenu's Kitchen Goes Mobile

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Dear Visitors,

Thanks for your continual support,  Thenu's Kitchen is beaming with visitors from over 169 Countries with page views touching 600,000 count.

At this juncture, I am pleased to share with you that Thenu's Kitchen is going Mobile.
I have rolled out an Android App for the kitchen to access it on the go.

Installing the app on smart phones is pretty straight forward.
click on this link: from your mobile,
download the apk file and install it with just a click.

On the same note.. check out :

Irul Maraiththa Nizhal - My 1st Tamil Novel in App Mode

I love being part of your world - be it real or virtual.
Thanks for letting me in!


Irul Maraiththa Nizhal - My 1st Tamil Novel in App Mode

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Dear Visitors,

I am overwhelmed by your positive feedback to my maiden attempt on writing!
Thanks for the support. Many of you have asked for the pdf format, I have emailed it to some too..
I shall soon make it available on the web to make the process easier.

As a Thank You, I have rolled out an Android App for the Novel.
Now my smart readers who can't part with your smart phones :-) can have a copy of the novel
to read it on the go, any time, anywhere.

Installing the app on smart phones is pretty straight forward.
Click on the link below
from your mobile, download the apk file and install it with just a click.

On the same note, check out:

Thenu's Kitchen Goes Mobile

I love being part of your world - be it real or virtual.
Thanks for letting me in!


Math Patterns to the Rescue

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DS bought Fruitloops cereal. I warned him, "Everytime you buy this, you waste"
He said, "No I will not this time"
He tried it once and as expected the next day he went back to his regular Cheerios.
The following day too he asked for Cheerios. Then I sang the infamous "I told you so" .
Me: See! I told you, you will waste the Fruitloops
DS: No! I am planning to alternate between cheerios and fruitloops
Me: Oh, Is that so? Then FYI Sir, Yesterday you had Cheerios. 
DS was caught red handed or so I thought! Within a split second he said:
"Yeah, Cheerios, Cheerios, Fruitloops, Fruitloops - that type of alternating pattern. DUH!!"

Any Volunteers?

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Me: So How was your day da? Anything interesting to tell about the class?
Apparently my 5 yr old lost his patience at mommy's repeated question asked almost every single day after school.
5 yr oldIf you volunteer in my classroom, you will know.
He added, "Do you know what is volunteering, amma? Volunteering means you got to say 'Its OK' even if the kids don't do the classwork well. Like if they cut out a circle instead of a square, you got to say, 'Its OK'. That's all ! "

 What a definition!!!!!!!!!!

Truth in a Lie

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I mean it! No kidding..
Now if you may 'eaves drop' on our conversation, you will see how truthful I am and probably you may learn a thing or two about honesty. ;-)

You see.. my son who used to like 'sambar' hates the word sambar these days.

Son: Amma , what's for lunch?
Me: Oh it is Dhal.. actually seasoned dhal
Son: Good! I like seasoned dhal
Me: Well, Today I seasoned it a little different
Son: like?
Me: mm.. like.. I added some 'podi' to it along with regular seasoning
Son: podi.. wow! I can't wait to taste!
(hehe.. I knew he will fall for the word 'Podi'. He loves the rice podi varieties.) Sorry.. 'Innocent' mommy has no intention to say that the podi was nothing but 'sambar podi'.. at least until he chances upon this blog post. Like I said, I always tell the truth even when I lie. :-P

Ganesa Chaturthi 2013

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Happy Pillaiyar Chathurthi, My friends!


A stitch in time..

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sigh... I should have put that stitch in time.. now that the stitch is overdue, I ended up with these pre mature apples. clear as mud? let me clear that up for you. :-)
I knew I had to thin the fruits on my Apple tree or at least provide a crutch or support for the tender branches to withhold the apples bunches. I did neither and the branches broke. Guilty as charged. Here I am with a bunch of pre matured apples. They do taste good with a dash of salt and chilly powder though..
well.. hopefully I had learned my lesson and the Apple tree forgives me and heals well.. Wish us both some luck!

Tale of a Tail

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me: You do it
he: No, You do it

me: How can I? You are the head . I am only the tail.
he: What head, What tail. You do it.

me:ச்சே ச்சே, தலை இருக்கும் போது வால் ஆடலாமா? You do it.
son: ஆடுமே! நாய்க்கு எல்லாம் வால் ஆடுதே.

me: உன்னை 'நாய்'-னு சொல்றான்பா!
he: But, நீ நாய் வால்.
me: Still,  நான் நாய் இல்லை.

hehe.. I make the best out of everything.


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me: எப்பிடிடா இப்படி பொறந்த நீ?! உன்னை பெத்தாங்களா இல்ல செஞ்சாங்களா?!
son: You do realize that you are blaming yourself, right?
me: !!

Harvest of the Month

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Santa Rosa Plums - The first Batch for the Season

We forecast Weather!

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After a L-O-N-G gap, this weekend, DH (Darling Husband) decided to join his friends for a game of Volleyball.
Venue is decided.. Time is decided .. all set!

The night before:
DH: Looks like it is going to rain Tomorrow.
Me (sheepish grin): Ofcourse it will rain, நீ விளையாட   போறீயே ! (you are going to play, right? ofcourse it will rain)
DH (triumphant look): Thats not right. There is only 10% chance of rain it seems.
Me (gasps): அப்போ  நீ  விளையாட போகலியா? (what? u don't plan to play?)
DH: ரொம்ப  திமிரு உனக்கு.
(hehe.. tell me something that I don't know)

And for the curious minds: He did not go. It did not rain either.
We forecast weather, baby!

A Mega Serial Moment

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Another typical day on the couch, watching a mega serial.
The female dada was uttering her name in typical Rajini style "சேனா .. இந்திர சேனா "
DH was smiling sheepishly when he turned to my side.
DH: நீ ஏன் அவளை மாதிரி 
style -ஆ உன் பெயரை சொல்றதில்லை?
Me : எப்படி?
DH : தேனா.. again தேனா!

Infinity Scarf in finite time

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Something to watch on TV + Something to fiddle with = Something to wear with Style (the SAME Evening). :-)  Meet my newfound love... the love for crochet. Made this infinity scarf in just few hrs of TV Time.

Perfect for a breezy Evening.. and/or for a complete look. So I call it: The Beauty with Brains.. becoz it makes an excellent neck warmer not just a subtle fashion statement. I just crocheted to my imagination so do not have an exact pattern to share with.. plus this being my first project, did not have much expectation, so did not make notes to share. :)

Shall try to replicate it and post the pattern.. it is a combination of what I grasped online from various tutorials and few coverups of my blunders (sh... that's our little secret, ok?) plus a few deliberate customizations..hopefully I can reproduce them for my next scarf!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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A Little Celebration of Love...

It is an every other day that brings love and cheers..
except that Today some of us choose to be extra vocal about it to our dears. ;-)

This year I took the help of a tasty snack to treat the Man I love in and out. Vegetable Puffs accompanied by a personalized card capturing our beautiful moments turned into another beautiful moment that is worth cherishing.

Valentine Wishes to you too... my beloved readers.
Love to Live and Live to Love. :-)

PS: Need the recipe? Here you go: Vegetable Puffs

Launching Blog: Home Sweet Home

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In response to some of my dear visitors/friends online & offline, I am launching a dedicated blog on keeping the kitchen organized and more.

That's right.. A blog on Organizing the Kitchen, Interior Decorations, Cleaning and more..

 Visit The New Blog..

How do you know?

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Me : அந்த   Angel-அ    பாருடா... பார்த்து  திருந்து. :-)    எவ்ளோ பொறுப்பா படிக்குது, பாரு!

Son : அது story book படிக்கலைன்னு உனக்கு எப்பிடி தெரியும்?!

Best Of Times

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A Photobook..

Scroll below for a photobook..
Pictures take a few seconds to load.
Once loaded, a play button awaits you.. one click and the book is in action. :)
(You may even adjust the Options to increase the slideshow speed.)
Thanks for your patience.

Six Pack Coming Soon..

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We were cuddling up on the couch watching some TV Show.
DH was going on and on about his plans for the next couple of weeks..
which was to build a retaining wall all by himself and that he had already ordered some 'top soil' and that he is planning to carry it to the backyard himself..
He stops suddenly and says, "அடி வாங்கறதுன்னா இப்போவே வாங்கிக்கோ." (Better let me hit you now)
Puzzled Me: ஏன்?(why?)
DH: அப்புறமா நான் அடிச்சேன்னா ரொம்ப வலிக்கும்.
(Because, in few weeks my hands will get much harder and it will hurt more.)
LOL! we both burst into laughter while I asked in pakka Desi Accent: Oh 'Six Packs Coming Soon-ஆ '



Drag the mug to rotate it. :-) What a way to cherish the moments with every sip of coffee..

View the entire collection of cards.

Where is the Party.. Enga Veetla Party!

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We had a lovely time with our friends this weekend!
I managed to find a cute Chef display item. A well dressed Chef holds a chalk board where you can fill in the menu.

I posted the entire menu for lunch, snack and dinner on it. Kids (especially Aadhi)  loved that idea and it was cute to watch them go over to that menu card and refer to the items.
Oh they spotted the 'ICE CREAM' on the card and promptly went after it! Lovely Kids!

Here is a cute conversation during the party:
Aahil (5yr old): Whose house is this?
DH: Karthik's
Aahil: How are you related to Karthik?
DH:I am his dad
Aahil: That makes sense. So you are living here too?

Jalsa Pannungada by Karthik & Team

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Karthik - Our Precious

It is that time of the year.. Choreographing for the CTA Annual Day.

OK here it is.. Karthik's Dance on Stage for DTEC - CTA 2012 - Annual Day

I had a great time working with the kids. They were a lovely team.

Song: Jalsa Pannungada from Movie Chennai 600028.

Habits Die Hard

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I have heard that Habits Die Hard. I always thought it is only the Bad Habits that live long. Little did I know that it holds good for Good Habits too.

I used to encourage Karthik to clean up his toys before he moves on to something else. I started this habit early on - like when he was as little as 3 yrs! I sometimes used to feel like a 'fun-spoiler' when I see him clean up his toys while his friends did not have to. Yet I was consistent in reminding Karthik to clean up after. And I used to have a doubt whether I snatched his right to mess up the floor. But recently I felt very rewarded! 

Karthik was in his room and we were wondering what is taking him so long to come out and I peeked.. Karthik was putting back the boardgame in place that he was playing with his friend. This is without anyone asking him to do.

And the other time, he spilled some rice on the floor. He did not wait for me but just grabbed a tissue and cleaned up the mess immediately! 

Manorama to Model - A MakeOver

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இதை  மாட்டு..
அங்க  நடந்து  போ!
ம்ம்..  இப்போ  திரும்பு..
ok.. இப்போ  இதை  மாட்டிட்டு  நட.
ம்ம் .. brown வேண்டாம் . அந்த flourescent blue or yellow எடுத்துக்கோ .

blue-வா? why not brown? yellow too bright-ஆ இல்ல?

உன்னை  model range-கு  மாத்தலாம்னு  பார்த்தா  நீ  மனோரமா-வா  தான்  இருப்பேங்கறியே!

Place: Department Store
Situation: DH 'helping' me to choose a handbag.

I am so jealous of him!

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I spent the entire weekend on 'happily' organizing the new wardrobe for the family.
Uniform hangers that are color coded for Sweaters, Long sleeves, Short sleeves, Collars, Polos etc etc..
A little caste system among the dresses.. hehe guilty as charged!

My work was not done yet until I gave the boys (husband and son) some training on,
what is where and why is it there. So my mission thus started:

The little one was easy to handle.. just one simple instruction and he got the point:
"உங்க  அப்பாவை  திருத்த  முடியாது. அவர்  கண்ட  இடத்துல  dress-a வீசுவாரு. That's fine. 
I will go behind him and find a home for his clothes as usual. 
You on the other hand mister, you can easily train yourself right. 
So get into the habit of being organized."
என்ன  புரிஞ்சதோ but Son had a good laugh. ROFL.

Now the elder one. As usual busy with the laptop. Yet, I went on about
how his underwears, sleepwears, office wears are given exclusive homes in the wardrobe,
But when I realized that all my talk had not even made it to his one ear, I paused and threw him a complimenting look.
The guy was bewildered. He asked, "என்ன  அப்ப்பிடி  பார்க்கற?".
me: ஹ்ம் உன்னை பார்த்தா எனக்கே பொறாமையா இருக்குப்பா!
he: ஏன்?
me: உனக்கு இப்ப்பிடி ஒரு அருமையான பொண்டாட்டி அமைஞ்சிருக்குதேன்னு தான்!
he (giggling uncontrollably): ஹே! இதெல்லாம் too much!

ROFL! Now that I got his attention, let me restart the mission. ;-)

Moms Know it all.. or do they?

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DS was caught in a white lie. After a hug and reassurance that mommy will not scold him
but would love to hear the truth from him, DS opened up.
Mommy then finished her little lecture on honesty, trust etc etc..
But..little did she know that she had actually launched a boomerang..

Let me share a little something about moms.
This happened when I was a little kid like you.
Once I went inside the kitchen to fetch some water.
I saw the sugar box lying on the kitchen counter.

I was about to sneak a spoonful of it into my mouth..

Just then I heard my mom from her bedroom far away from kitchen: "Dont even think of eating that sugar!"

Till this date I cannot figure out how she read my mind.

See.. moms know it all.

I know how. I think she knew it that you would be tempted looking at the sugar and thus warned you.

That's right! I told you, moms know it all !

mm. but then, how come you haven't figured out how she read your mind till now?

MOM: poda!

That's NOT the fish I ordered!!

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Fishing for Compliments Gone Wrong!

Dear Son stuck a post-it on my back that said 'conscientious'.
Apparently it is part of his homework Today.. he has to stick few words on things he thought appropriate.

Conscientious.. me?! wow .. needless to say I was proud. I mean why wouldn't I?! According to Wiki, conscientious means:

"Conscientiousness is the trait of being painstaking and careful, or the quality of acting according to the dictates of one's conscience. It includes such elements as self-discipline, carefulness, thoroughness, organization, deliberation (the tendency to think carefully before acting), and need for achievement. It is an aspect of what has traditionally been called character. Conscientious individuals are generally hard working and reliable. When taken to an extreme, they may also be workaholics, perfectionists, and compulsive in their behavior."

Obviously thrilled, I asked DS (dear son), "Why did you choose me?"
DS: I don't know. It just reminded me of you.

*sigh* I should have left it at that. But what do I know.. fate of the day had different plans.
I exclaimed, "really!" and read the definition out aloud.

That's it! DS snatched the post-it and said, "OOPS..  wrong person! I thought it meant conscious"
And.. he stuck that to his back without a second thought.
OK.. Go ahead and laugh your heart out! ( You people are incredibly insensitive! )

Word Smart!

 My DH: டேய் , வீணா  திட்டு  வாங்காதே !
My DS: உனக்கே  அது  வீணா -னு  தெரியுதே. . அப்புறம்  எதுக்கு  'வீணா ' திட்டனும் ?
Me: Giggling.. (Now it is my turn!!)

My DH: Dei, veena thittu vangathey!
My DS: unake athu 'veena'nu theriuthey. appuram ethukku 'veena' thittanum?
Me: Giggling..

Dummies R Us

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Me: Where is my Netsuite for Dummies book?
My Kid: Oh you mean "Netsuite for YOU" book?
My Husband had a hearty laugh!
Sh... between you and me, I had a good laugh too. :))

If I were you..

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Me: It is hot out there. Why don't you take off your full sleeves and wear this T shirt.
My Kid: Nah I am fine
Me: Ok... But.. If I were you, I would change into some comfortable clothing.
Kid: If I were me - which I am - I won't!
Me: ???

Homework Made Simple!

Today's homework is sentence making. DS is supposed to make a sentence using the word "Diaphragm". Poor thing, he does not know the meaning. Well drum roll please... drum-roll mommy to the rescue.
I showed him this informative YouTube video that explained what it is and how it helps in breathing etc etc..

Ahem..Me so proud of my parenting, you see...  I was even ready with a lecture about it if the video is not enough.

But.. but..dear son did not give me a chance.. Before I could start my lecture on human anatomy, he stopped me, "Ok Ok I get it." and finished his homework with this 'great' sentence:
"Every human being has a diaphragm." 

Needless to say,  he was out on the road with his friends in a jiffy! Oh well... he had other plans. What do I know!

Is it buffering Yet? Worry not.. Clap with Glee!


DS was clapping his hands swiflty as his favorite cartoon was loading in YouTube. When the bewildered me asked for the reaon, he says,
"Yesterday when it took so long to buffer, my friend clapped his hands and BOOM the video loaded faster!"

DH and I laughed a lot, yet we let him hold onto his new theory. He still believes that clapping in front of the monitor somehow loads the clipping faster. Infact, we remind him, "Kuttima, konjam clap pannuma. It takes so long to buffer.." and he claps!!
I know.. I know.. we are two wicked people united in the sacred bond of matrimony.
In our defense, we want to videotape his innocense. So till I get it on tape, it is our little secret.. deal?

As I type here, my little boy is still clapping his hands with eyes fixed on the video progress bar.
Oh well. what do we know.. like the Butterfly Effect in chaos theory  this might be another theory for the future.. It reminds me of a joke..
A rooster: Oh Dear GOD! Why? Why Me?!  Why does it have to be ME always, to 'wake up' the damn Sun every single Morning?!

Make her angry!


DS bought some glow in the dark sticks. The instructions said, "to activate the glow stick, bend the stick till it snaps".It was too hard for me to bend the stick. I was really frustrated (angry in my son's words) and gave it one last try.. the stick snapped and started to glow.
After a while, his friend came home. Now this is what I heard when i unintentionally eaves dropped on their conversation.
DS: Dude, did you get your glow stick to work?
Friend: No dude. I don't know how to.
DS: Ask your mom
Friend: She doesn't know, man.
DS: Dude, it is really simple. My mom knows how to do it.
(Me proud. Hehe.. comeon.. that was too hard  to bend but I did it! Ahem.. where  was I?!  oh yeah.. me proudy proud. Then I eaves dropped 'intentionally'.)
DS continued seriously: There are only 2 steps dude.
Step #1: Give the stick to my mom
Step #2: Make her angry. (Me goes )