A Terrible day turned Terrific

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Was a terrible day... a terrible day that brought with it the proverbial straw to break the camel's back.. a terrible day of stressful pensive moments of whatsoever things that are and are not in our control. Long story short, no take that back, it was indeed not at all long to call it long.. so a short story still cut short, the camel(s) saved the back however and the three of us went out for dining to bring back the normalcy.. to set the day right.

The restaurant was unusually crowded. We were waiting at the table for long minutes that we forgot the food and got so engrossed in our banters. Karthik was as usual buoyant. Food arrived and everything was as usual that requires no special mention yet for the sake of it let me get that on record too. The small talks, laughter, pulling legs, sharing food, both of us picking all our tofus to fill up Karthik's plate as it is his favorite, occasionally the dad feeding K the sticky rice, and the likes. So much that we were in our own world despite the crowd.

As we were about to leave, a gentleman (English?) from an adjacent table came to us and said
"I must say that your son has some presence in him that he will become a fine
young man. He has that. The presence. we were watching your son. You must be good parents." 
He gestured touching his heart when he said 'presence'. I have no idea what he meant by presence. No idea what he saw in Karthik. And seriously we thought he added the last line as a consolation for us. :) 

But the good man he is to bring that sort of kindness on us, he made the terrible day a terrific one.
We will remember him fondly. Thank you Sir. You brought back with it a string of similar pleasant memories too (like Karthik's Spanish Teacher's remark and such)...and that it has to happen on this day that broke on the far end of anything pleasant... Sheer coincidence? Yet a memorable moment. I have seen a terrific day turn terrible one too many times but a terrible to terrific? It is worth a mention. We thanked him so much and I thank him again.

PS: We being us, ended up mocking ourselves on the "You must be good parents". Still to stretch the fun, told Karthik, "engalayum praise panninaar da. see we are good parents". He being he, was quick to translate it in his own way: "It means, Karthik is Super. Oh don't worry we are not undermining you. .You are kind of good too.". We were laughing all the way to the parking lot with many hugs and kisses to the young man with 'the presence'. :D

One Scarf. Many Looks.

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Peacock Inspirations... Saw this yarn and fascinated by the blend of colors reminding the peacock. Another try at the infinity scarf and result was beautiful. A lovely present for a lovely friend. Few clicks before I bid farewell to the versatile scarf. I did not block the scarf. That would have enhanced the work even more. Still I would say, camera is not doing justice to this beauty. Well, my camera is not doing justice to anything these days.. different story. sigh.

Without even thinking..


We three were heading to the Open School.

K (excited) : Amma, Guess what, The teacher had to grade our performance on 5 categories on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the highest. Guess what she gave me?!

Me: uh...some 5s and some 6s?

K: All 6! 

M: Wow!

K (proud): yeah. all 6. Without even thinking she put 6 6 6...

Me: ROFL without thinking?!

Son tries to shut my mouth but too late, the giggle bug already bit all 3 of us.

Applied Morals


H (in coffee shop): hmm. தண்ட coffee. வீட்லதான்  coffee நல்லா இல்லைன்னு பார்த்தா, இங்கேயும் அப்படிதான் இருக்கு.

Me (appreciative tone): In fact நீ போடற coffee-யே  better

H (a tint of pride): I know!

Me (naughty grin): paise-வாவது மிஞ்சும்.

H (joining the laughter): நீ இருக்கியே ... இனிமே  coffee கேட்டு பாரு

hehe.. he is making the coffee I can swear by it. How you ask me? Uncle Birbal asked me to make much miserable coffee than my H's. Well not in the exact same words. :P

Come on,  what's the use of moral stories if you don't apply them in real life haan?

So I bet , the natural winner aka coffee maker is the Husband.
Wife retains right to (constructive ?!) criticism however because..
she supplies the necessary laughter to get through the misery
aka coffee-by-husband. :D Fair deal no?